Production Line

Kohler has adopted fully automatic production lines from EMHART and BOTTERO in Italy. This ensures the bottles good quality and annual production of 80,000 tons of glass containers. We can produce more than 2000 types of glass bottles in a variety of capacities, styles and colours.

The product range of Kohler glass bottle covers almost every sector of food and beverage. Kohler offers glass bottles for vodka, brandy, whiskey, wine, olive oil, perfume and food. We specialize in the customization of glass bottles and jars both from our existing range and to exclusive customer designs. Kohler applies advanced equipment, such as a furnace with an average production of 200 tons per day. We carry out strict quality checks throughout the entire production cycle, from the primary materials used in glass manufacture, furnace and mixture efficiency, to the control of the container and external packaging quality.

Our controls are carried out using the latest machines for quality control.

Quality Control System

Kohler commits ISO 9001 standard quality checking system throughout the whole production procedure: from raw materials, furnace, to the finished glass containers and the packaging quality. Kohler features one hundred percent inspection system with rejection of glass bottles that are not in conformance. During inspection, bottles with below points will be defined as DEFECT Bottles:

- Dimension out of tolenrance
- Capacity out of tolerance
- Seam on top or side of finish
- Malformed finish
- Gross distortion

- Thin glass distribution affecting strength
- Checked body
- Checked shoulder and neck
- Air bubbles


Kohler can produce 250 million pieces glass containers per year. To fulfill different customers order, Kohler also proceeds small order quantity.
We can deliver the products around 7-10 days normally. With a distance less than 100 kilometer to the port, Kohler has the capability to ship the containers to the port quickly at very low inland cost.
With a multi-year history of manufacturing glass containers, Kohler has become a leading glass bottles manufacturer in China.
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