Kohler strictly complies with ISO standards and further ensure the quality of our products by monitoring production in every procedure, from the designing of molds, purchase of raw materials, production procedure, technology, to the final inspection of goods, loading and shipping.

Kohler takes great care of its products glass containers. We strong controls to carry out of the international SGS regulations. The raw material are performed with inspection before proceeding. At Kohler, we have our own test lab with around 25 advanced engineers and technicians. That can mainly carries out the inspection includes specification, volume, weight, functions and special treatment.
We have adopted fully automatic production lines from EMHART and BOTTERO in Italy. Kohler company features one hundred percent inspection system with rejection of glass bottles that are not in conformance. During inspection, bottles with below points will be defined as DEFECT Bottles:
Dimension out of tolenrance
Capacity out of tolerance
Seam on top or side of finish
Malformed finish
Gross distortion
Thin glass distribution affecting strength
Checked body
Checked shoulder and neck
Air bubbles

With great taking care of inspection of products, Kohler’s glass bottles and jars fully comply with ISO standard and SGS standard.
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