About Us
Kohler Glass Bottle Co. Ltd., is a leading glass bottle manufacturer in China, producing glass bottles and jars for over 30 years. The company is registered in Jiangsu province. We are committed to producing SGS standard glass bottles and jars for the food and beverage industries at most competitive prices. Our glass material includes Flint,Super Flint and Super Premium. Kohler has adopted fully automatic production lines. The production of both glass bottles and jars is based on our innovative processes and ISO Quality Control System. Our experience and creativity have been combined to produce a wide range of shapes ,more than 2000 items,mainly in four superb glass colours: flint, half-flint, green and amber. Our annual output achieves 250 million pieces and our products range from glass spirits bottles, wine bottles, beverage bottles, oil bottles, perfume bottles, pharmacy bottles, glass jars and special glass bottles.

In addition, at Kohler, we have a professional research and product development team that is composed of senior engineers and technicians in the glass industry, who can design customized glass bottles and jars in accordance with customers requirements. For customers further requirement, we offer deep processing to the bottles. The deep processing mainly include: Decal Decoration, Sandblasting, Silk screen decoration, Hot printing, Glazed, Transparent paint.
We even manufacture small quantities to satisfy different customers demand. We offer professional glass bottle package solutions for customers to raise the value.
All our containers are packed on stackable wooden pallets. We also offer carton box package as per customer’s requirement.The modern and flexible organization of our warehouse allows us to offer fast, convenient product shipping.

Leader in Glass Bottles

Kohler is devoted to produce quality glass containers at very low cost. With adopting automatic production lines from EMHART and BOTTERO in Italy,kohler improves manufacturing efficiency.
Our biggest advantage is that we can produce high quality glass containers in accordance with a customer’s special requirements. We specialize in the customization of glass bottles and jars both from our existing range and to exclusive customer designs. With our own moulding facility, we are able to produce moulding and sampling at prompt time.

With the advanced engineers and experienced technicians, Kohler is also capable to proceed special glass bottles.


Our production facility is located in Mapo Town, Jiangsu Province, the historical glass industrial zone of China. 40 minutes from the Guan yin Air port. Less than 100 kilometers to the sea port.


The modern and flexible organization of our warehouse allows us to offer fast, convenient shipment of our products. With a distance less than 100 kilometer to the port, Kohler has the capability to ship the containers to the port quickly at very low inland cost.


Kohler can produce 250 million pieces glass containers per year. We can deliver the products around 7-10 days normally. To fulfill different customers order, Kohler can also proceed small order. With senior engineer and technician of glass industry,kohler is capable to customize glass bottles and jars based on customers requirement. Focusing on improving manufacturing efficiency, Kohler is capable to offer quality glass bottles at lowest cost.
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