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Today, glass is becoming consumer’s preferred packaging method for food and beverage.Kohler is committed to creates safe, healty and non-toxic glass containers. We produce glass containers by using soda-lime glass that composed by SiO2,Na20, CaO and MgO. Our bottles and jars are widely used in beverage and food.
China Leader Glass Bottle Manufacture
Kohler Glass Bottle CO.,ltd is a China-based leading glass bottle manufacturer for over 30 years, and a council member of the China National Association for Glass Industry. We specialized in the production of SGS certified glass bottles and jars based on our innovative processes and a respect for the environment. Our glass material includes:Flint,Super Flint,Super Premium,Amber,Green,etc. Our products are popular in many countries, such as America, Russia, Germany, Australia, etc.
Kohler has adopted fully automatic production lines from EMHART and BOTTERO in Italy. This ensures the bottles good quality and annual production of 80,000 tons of glass containers.
At Kohler, we produce quality glass bottles and jars for the food and beverage industry. Our annual output of 250 million pieces covers products such as glass spirits bottles, wine bottles, beverage bottles, oil bottles, perfume bottles, pharmacy bottles, glass jars and special glass bottles. Besides the normal glass bottles, with the advanced engineers and experienced technicians, Kohler is also capable to proceed special glass bottles. Our glass material is: Flint, Super Flint, Super Premium, Amber and Green.

We strictly comply with ISO standards and further ensure the quality of our products by monitoring production in every procedure, from the designing of molds, purchase of raw materials, production
procedure, technology, to the final inspection of goods, loading and shipping. We feature a one hundred percent inspection system with automatic rejection of items that are not in conformance. This allows us to stabilize the quality of our products. We can produce more than 2000 types of glass bottles in a variety of capacities, styles and colors.

In addition, Kohler has a professional team of research and product development personnel, made up of senior engineers and technicians from the glass industry, who can customize glass bottles and jars in accordance with customer’s requirements and offer professional glass bottle packaging solutions.
All our containers are packed on stackable wooden pallets. We also offer carton box package as per customers requirement.
In addition to ensure quality, we make a great effort to keep our costs down so we can offer the lowest price. For example, with annual production of 80,000 tons of glass containers per year, we are able to acquire bulk materials from our material suppliers at a reduced price. This makes us capable of producing glass containers at a low cost. Meanwhile, as an environmentally responsible company, we encourage our staff to economize on electricity, water and power, which saves energy and protects our environment. To fulfill different customers order, Kohler can also proceed small order.
With a multi-year history of manufacturing glass containers, Kohler is always focusing on long term cooperation with customers. By improving manufacturing capability and efficiency, kohler is committed to produce quality glass containers with lowest cost. As a result, kohler’s glass bottles are well known in the food and beverage industry globally.
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